7 Sadler Street  
Wells, Somerset  
BA5 2RR  
01749 671777  

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Bar and lights Chair and fireplace Bar and red chairs Cake and front cafe area Candles and fireplace Clock and seating Crisps Crisps, bar, and waitress Fireplace Full bar classic Keep calm and eat cake Full KCAEC area KCAEC close and waitress Liberty classic Table 6 Table 1 Liberty breakfast Breakfast closeup Breakfast 4 Cake 1 Cake 3 Cake 4 Cake table Cream tea 1 Cream tea 2 Liberty coffee Marshmallow Morning Coffee machine Sarnies 1 Sarnies 2 Scones Belgian chocolate fudge cake Caramel slice Gluten-free chocholate brownie Lemon drizzle cake Scone Victoria sponge

 by Incognito
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